Medication Management
Made Simple

For the first time, completely connect your Facility to the pharmacy with Curenta and receive synchronized medication profiles, real-time order status updates, and intuitive med management reminders.

The Problem: No Single Source of Medication Information!

About 70% of nursing facilities use an EMR or electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) to prevent med errors. But without a shared patient database that can be reviewed and updated by both pharmacy and facility, this results in:

The Impact: Med Errors and Cost

Reduce Med Techs' Time Spent on Fixing Medication Profiles

50% of med techs’ time wasted maintaining and fixing medication profiles

Breaking the Deficiency Barrier: Empowering California ALFs to Conquer Med Errors

California ALFs still receive 14 deficiencies
per survey – primarily related to med aerrors

Break the Cycle of Burnout and High Turnover

Nursing staff burnout, contributing
to an annual turnover of 53%

Unlocking Resident Happiness: Combating Turnover and Elevating Care Quality

46% Resident Turnover Rate every year, compounded by dissatisfaction of care

The Solution: Connect your Facility to Prescribers on Curenta

Curenta offers a centralized software solution where all providers can update resident information and track every medication order in real time:

Single Source of Truth
for all providers

Online medication
ordering during med pass

Automated medication

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